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With assistance for our travelers to design their unique holidays in Vietnam, Vietnam Hello World Travel Co., Ltd resume some questions related to traveling, holidays, cuisine, Vietnam.

1, How can i book my holiday in Vietnam?
It is easy to reserve your journey with Vietnam Hello World Travel Co., Ltd by e-mail, telephone or fax. All requests or booking you make are always replied with prices within 24 hours.
2, How can i make payment for my trip?
You can pay directly to bank account of Vietnam Hello World Travel Co., Ltd. Once the settlement is made, you will be informed by fax or e-mail. Print that invoice issued by Vietnam Hello World Travel Co., Ltd and keep it when you travel to Vietnam on tour.
3, Could you offer me one tour program?
Yes, of course, please let us know all your travel needs: budget, travel period, hotels, interests, food etc...Then, we give advices regarding your tour in Vietnam. Also, you design your holiday with our travel consultants to match your requirements.
4, I want to book one ecologic tour. Could you quote that for me?
Yes, of course. One of our travel consultants will contact you via e-mail. We propose all types of tours such as private tours, group tours, adventure tours, eco tours...we know your personal interests, preferences about the trip in Vietnam. Eventually, you design your unique journey as perfect as possible. 
5, All tours you offer are escorted with tour guide?
No, it isn’t compulsory. The tour escorted or not depends on your choice. The services of our tour guides are available and on request. Anyway, local guides will share with you their deep knowledge about Vietnamese culture, tradition...This mission is never completed by foreign tour leaders. You are free of worries with our tour guides on behalf of Vietnam Hello World Travel Co., Ltd. They take care of everything from confirming air tickets to checking meals at local restaurants. Then, you enjoy every minutes the best and most interesting moments while touring. In cases of ‘major forces’, Vietnam Hello World Travel Co., Ltd is on your side to solve the sudden problems, to make your journey as smooth as possible.
6, How long could i book my holiday prior to departure?
By our experience, you can make a booking as soon as possible, because it permits to reserve the hotels, especially in high and peak seasons. We try our best to ease your booking and, further, your journey.
7, Can travelers buy an insurance contract?
Yes, because no one can anticipate the future. The best solution for both sides - travelers and Vietnam Hello World Travel Co., Ltd - is that travelers should buy travel insurance of one month for traveling. Anyway, if they have already one insurance policy, it is optional.
8, How can i obtain Vietnam Visa to travel in Vietnam?
Please send us personal details: full name, passport number... For further information, please click Visa on our website.
9, How much free time could we have during my holiday in Vietnam if we book your package tour?
Our philosophy is ‘la valeur des vacances, c’est la vacance des valeurs’, that means in fact we are open and flexible to all your suggestions and needs. You plan your journey with our travel consultants, then you define how much free time you would have. By this point, we'd like to make difference beyond the routine way. Otherwise, leisure time depends on your decision. If you love meeting local people or walking alone on spot or destinations as Hanoi capital, Hue-royal citadel..., free time is yours. In which cases, personal discovery is highly appreciated. Once coming back to home, you always have the best souvenirs in mind about your trip in Vietnam.
10, Vietnamese cuisine remains unknown for me. Could you give me some advices?
Vietnamese cuisine is very rich and varies from North to South in the country. According to the program, we reserve lunch or diner at local restaurant for you. You can arrange other meal by yourself. You are offered maximum time to enjoy and to appreciate the style cooking via local restaurants. Of course, we are presenting you some restaurants, whereby you have a good service supplied by staff who are ready and pretty to serve you.
11, What is S.I.C tours?
There are the tours in which all visitors from different countries can participate. This kind of packages has fixed departure dates. You have opportunity to know other visitors with whom you can talk about all subjects, or discover other cultures, traditions and so on. These tours will be accompanied with French, English or German speaking guides...

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Perfect organization, wonderful services. All team did a great job by caring for clients all the time. Vietnam Hello World Travel Company is absolutely reliable and professional travel partner for our groups to Vietnam and Cambodia
-- Valerie Mcroy , CA, USA