Booking Conditions

All prices are calculated and quoted on basic of economic conditions existing at the moment whereby we release the brochure, especially we consider cost of transportation, and exchange rates into the production cost. We reserve the right to adjust and modify all rates and prices in that brochure which will, however, increase or/and decrease without prior notice. All rates are net in USD and will be probably and annually revised and adjusted according to the fluctuation of prices of relevant services which take part of tourist products.
2. Deposit, Travel  Insurance
All trips require a non-refundable deposit of US$100 per person. The deposits will confirm your reservation until 60 days prior to trip departure, at which time the balance of the trip is due. If the balance is not paid in full by the due date,  the booking will be considered as cancelled.

The registration you make means the payment of an advance of 25% of total amount for one tour package and the agreement of our travel offer, our prices and services mentioned as program. Full prepayment must be received at least one month for all registrations made 25 days before departure day. In the case of non full prepayment, your vacation will be refused.

For all requests and information related to the payment, please contact us by fax or e-mail. All travel documents (final program, voucher) will be sent to you by e-mail and printed yourself before departure day. From this moment, the juridical responsibility of keeping these documents belongs to the client or his travel agent . Please contact us via .
Trip insurance is required for our trips. An insurance policy number for our all-inclusive travel insurance, which includes trip cancellation, medical evacuation and other coverage, should be confirmed upon your trip departure.
3.Modification, cancellations
In the range of our products which need a certain number of travelers, we will have, compulsorily, to cancel the tour and to propose you another one if the number of participants isn’t sufficient 21 days before departure day, and it is legally effective, without indemnities.

a. The prolongation of trip, the increase of number of participants will be accepted if all services are available. In the case of impossibility, the initial booking must be respected.
b. Cession of contract: the contract is made under cession until 7 days before the commencement of trip to other person, who fulfills all required conditions for the trip. Both acquirer and acquiree are responsible to pay to the seller the rest of amount and all fees suddenly incurred. After this deadline, any changes are impossible and imply the cancellation of contract’s trip.
c. Any modification of dossier other than a) and b) is considered as cancellation of trip and the new registration will be suggested. For more information, please via

Apart from the insurance’s policies at the moment of booking, for cancellations of confirmed arrangements made by the client, a cancellation fee according to costs incurred will be charged as followings:

  • 30 - 21 days: 65% of total amount trip
  • 20 - 8 days : 75% of total amount trip
  • 2 days: 90% of total amount trip
  • Less 2 days : 99% of total amount trip
  • Less 24 hours: 100% of total amount trip

4.Default of registration
The default of registration at departure’s place, despite any type of reasons, even if in case of major forces, the impossibility of departure because of non-presentation of travel documents (passport, visa, vaccination certificate...etc) are considered as cancellations or cessation of trip by client.
5.Duration of trip
The duration of tour package includes the arrival’s date in Vietnam and the departure’s date to come back to your homeland. All rates and prices are calculated on the base of number of days’ excursions, activities and number of nights according to the travel contract. Also, you can loss few hours of trip upon arrival and/or at departure time, because of time flights, of availability of room in the hotel. In these cases, any refund is not accepted. In the international usages on hotel, check in and/or check out at noon; sometimes you can check in at the hotel at 14.00 hours only. The schedule of regular flights and supplemental flights will vary according to the security orders and regulations of airlines’ carriers.
6.Physical condition – Vaccinations – Health
You are sure of the changes of your meal’s habits, hygienic conditions, different climates, walks on foot in the sun and so on. Also, you have to verify your health condition before departure, to buy usual medicaments, or take some preventives medical measures (paludism...etc). You are responsible to appreciate these risks.
The description of all tour packages is realized at the moment whereby the brochure is released. Any modification due to technical impossibilities will be announced to you and similar services will be offered at the same prices. Neither request on indemnities nor refund is not accepted for one or some services which aren’t consumed because of a major force case. Some services need a sufficient number of participants, if this number isn’t reached, we have to propose another one to you and you attend it with other tourists. Any refund or indemnity is refused.
8.Discount for children
Child less 12 years old: possible discount for all destinations varies with airlines company and hotels, child have to share room with his parents. He maybe get a discount of 30% total amount tour package with a condition of full payment by his parents or/and at least 2 adults. In Vietnam, triple room means a room extra bed (double room plus one bed with surcharge). We adopt the rules as followings: Discount of 30% total amount tour package with a condition of full payment by his parents or/and at least 2 adults; and extra bed surcharge at the hotel.
In any case, Vietnam Hello World Travel Co., Ltd cannot be responsible of all problems incurred suddenly which are out of our control and management. The company isn’t in charge of major forces cases such as demonstrations, political unrest, international terrorism, bad weather... which will make tour program to be changed or postponed. In these cases, any reimbursement isn’t accepted and made by Vietnam Hello World Travel Co., Ltd. All kinds of changes if the cost doesn’t exceed the fixed prices will be solved by consensus between company and clients.
10.Non-used services
Any refund won’t be accepted and/or reimbursed according to the fixed tour program (hotels, restaurants, cars, visits...) if these services are not used by clients themselves. Non–used services must be recognized both by clients and staff of Vietnam Hello World Travel Co., Ltd.

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Wonderful travel experiences for our holiday to Vietnam and Cambodia. BIG thanks to all team at Vietnam Hello World Travel Company
-- Michael John , CA, USA